Happy 24th Birthday Gemma! 

Wow, I haven’t posted here for ages!! Hello..

Well last week we remembered the 5th of November. My family did too as it was Gemma’s birthday! We had a lovely meal cooked by mum and all the family got together again.  

That coffee cake was probably the best cake mum has ever made! It was amazing. Gemma also got really spoilt by her friends at work. Lots of little minion bits like slippers and pjs. They know her too well! Always like to be comfy lol.

The boys also enjoyed some sparkles, well it’s bonfire night after all! 

Then on Friday night, me and rob surprised Gemma with a meal at the Britannia in Marlow. The surprise was that all her friends were there! They had all told her they couldn’t make it when actually they all planned to come. Which was lovely. Especially as I can’t do much, the way I’m feeling, but when little lady is here, I will be taking Gemma for a few cocktails lol! 

On Saturday, Dave had arranged a date night for the 2 of them in London. I didn’t know what was going on as Dave said I would of told her (to be honest if she would of asked I probably would as I would of wanted her to tell me if it was the other way round lol) so I found out about 5pm on Saturday. First Dave took gem to a steak house called Tramshed, now I’m a massive steak fan, I have to go here it looks incredible!  

That steak just looks amazing! In my life I will go here!! 

Gemma has always said she would love to go to the shard for drinks, so that’s were Dave took her! The views looked amazing. It’s so high up!!!  

One spoilt lady!!

On Sunday mum and dad took her shopping into Watford as that’s what Gemma wanted as a pressie. I haven’t had time to catch up with her as she has been so busy so no idea what she got lol. But I’m sure she will post all the amazing pressies she got etc. So yes that was her busy weekend!

Speak soon

Kayleigh xoxox



Autumn Essentials!

Its Autumn!! …well may as well be winter!! It sooo cold!! How beautiful is it though?! I do love Autumn, with the red and golden leaves on the floor, foggy mornings and chilly walks! The scenery is amazing!

Its November, which is my absolute favourite month – nothing to do with my birthday on bonfire night – remember, remember the 5th November!! I am literally so busy it’s ridiculous, & have a few evening outings planned which is a nightmare during the colder seasons! – what do you wear!?

So I thought I’d share a couple of my favourite buys this month, keeping in with the Autumn theme…


First up is the beautiful Sleek Matte Lipstick, in a rich berry red. It applies smoothly, and dries with a matte effect. I add a little touch of clear gloss to make my lips look smooth and shiny! I got this from my local Superdrug store, for an amazing £4.99! Bargain!!


Next up is my favourite buy! This coat is perfect for those chilly evenings out as a smarter option… 100% for the kind of nights where your parka coat just doesn’t cut it! I got this just before all of the winter stuff started properly coming out, I was chuffed! It’s soft, long and comes in a camel colour – so goes with pretty much everything!

I got this coat from New Look for an amazing £29.99! Can you believe that!? The quality of this coat is stunning too, 10/10!!

image image

Last but most definitely not least, are my favourite little boots of all time! These little beauties are so comfortable! They look stunning too in a deep tan colour (my favourite) and leather material all over – I have had so many comments on these and people seriously cannot believe where I got them from!

I got these from Primark! Yes, Primark! For a whopping £18.00! Try and find a cheaper pair that look and feel this good!!

So that’s all from me so far but I bet throughout November I will have a few more seasoned favourites to tell you all about!

Gemma xx


My all time favourite foundation!

I have read quite a few ‘September favourites’, ‘February favourites’ etc; I love reading about what other people use and what makeup different people favour. However, there is one thing in my makeup bag that I simply cannot live without… I can’t change it; & don’t think I would ever want to, no matter how many others claim to be ‘better’!

Yes, I am talking about my foundation – Maybelline New York, Dream Satin Liquid. Is literally the best thing, ever!! It truly lives up to its name, it’s ridiculously smooth and light, & literally feels like your rubbing satin sheets accross your face! & the best part is that it lasts a lifetime! You only need to use a pea size for each side of your face, and the coverage is amazing! You are left with soft, smooth, even skin that drys in seconds..!!


Of course I have tried others, but have failed miserably. Some are heavy, thick and are extremely hard to spread across your face evenly. Others stick to every crease, blemish or patch of dry skin that you may have and make it stand out like a sore thumb.., & there are a few that will need the use of the whole bottle, just to get the right amount of coverage!! It’s ridiculously hard to find one that suits your skin tone, and keeps you looking radiant throughout the whole day – & I am very lucky to say that I have found it!

I got this for an amazing £5 at Asda! Down from £7.99 – bargain! So much so, I bought two! Stocked up for the winter!

Do any of you have an ‘all time favourite foundation’.. If so, what is it? You never know, I might dare to change!!

Genma xx

We are sorry..

We are sorry..

Wow we haven’t posted in ages!!!

So much has changed since we last posted. Well I got married!! The day couldn’t of gone any better, the weather was fantastic and everything went smoothly. 


 One of my highlights was defo the photobooth!! Everyone really enjoyed it and said the loved it. Thank you to funbooth from stokenchurch who stepped in at the last minute when we was let down by another company!!


I can’t thank my family enough for what they did for us! They were fantastic! Especially my mum , dad and sisters! Also without the best man James I don’t think Rob would of made it lol! 

Then it was time to go on our honeymoon but we didn’t go alone!! 

Like I was going to go to turkey without my sister and friends lol! We defo all needed it. 

We went to Bodrum, which was absolutely beautiful! The hotel, Kefaluka Resort was too amazing for words! 

We had an amazing week and made some great memories! If you ever have a chance to go to Kefaluka! GO! You won’t be disappointed.. Gemma booked one of the private pavilions for me and rob to have some alone time. This was so what we needed, we had a butler that brought us constant food, cocktails, ice cream! We couldn’t have wanted for more. It was lovely to just relax and sunbath. 

After we came back we had some more news believe it or not lol..

Rob and I are expecting a little baby!!! We found out the day we came home from honeymoon and I was 9weeks + 4days!! 

It was the best wedding present we could of hoped for. We had our 12 week scan and everything is great! 

We have a very excited Big Brother too!!

I am due on 13th Feb which makes me 20weeks + 5days! I am due my scan on the 7th October. But I can’t tell you what I’m having until after the 17th October as that’s when we are having my baby shower, where we are revealing what we are expecting! 

Gemma is head of planning the baby shower so you can tell it will be epic! She is so good at party organising!! (No Pressure Gem! Lol) 
So that’s what has been going on in my life haha, not much really lol. 

I promise I will keep you up to date on events! 

Speak soon

Kayleigh xoxo

My Hen Do #TakeTwo

My Hen Do #TakeTwo

Hi everyone,
Sorry we haven’t posted recently, we have been so busy with wedding preparations as you can imagine. 

Last week the girls from work and I went to Revolutions in Beaconsfield. We had a cocktail class which was amazing. The bar tender Adam was so good at his job.


We learnt loads of different cocktails and by the end of it, we were all pretty drunk lol.

Thank you ladies for a great send off! 

We will be back posting asap, I have missed it!

Love Kayleigh xoxo

3weeks to the wedding! Eeeeeek! ❤️

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Hen Do – Glossybox survival kit making!!

Hen Do – Glossybox survival kit making!!

Hey guys

So Kayleigh posted about her hen do weekend last weekend, and OH MY am I extremely relieved that I can finally tell you guys ALL about it and the whole planning process…

When Kay asked me to be her Maid of Honour I couldn’t believe it, I was so excited. I didn’t realise quite how stressful the whole hen do thing was though, I kind of underestimated the amount that would go into it – BUT it was TOTALLY worth it!!!!

I personally haven’t been on a hen do in my life, I am only 23 – they haven’t started for my generation yet! However, from research I found that on most hen do’s you go on, you will get a ‘Hen do survival kit’… Now, you’ve seen my previous posts about my monthly Glossyboxes and I literally have so many beautiful boxes that I didn’t know what to do with!! So I had a brain wave….!!

The Glossy Box Survival Kit

I gathered together 9 x boxes, and chose the quirkiest one with LOVE written on it to use for Kayleigh’s box. I then made a list of what ladies would like to receive and would perhaps need as a survival kit – which ended up a little like this…

Miniature bottle of wine

Pack of tissues

Party poppers

Shampoo & conditioner testers

Day & night moisturisers


A hen do badge

Retro sweeties

Perfume samples

Glow stick

Miniature lipstick

I tried to think of everything I could…

IMG_3143 IMG_3131 IMG_3139 IMG_3134 IMG_3135 IMG_3136 IMG_3137 IMG_3132 IMG_3133

I spent hours on the floor making sure each box had the same items in them etc.

I then wanted to make them a little special so went with the Glossybox theme with tissue paper and a personalised sticker.


The tissue paper was from Clinton Cards and these cute personalised stickers were from a website called The Favour Factory. This company was fantastic! I paid with PayPal and added my personalisation to the notes…three days later I had them posted through my door! Great service!

I then added a bow of ribbon around the box and a quirky little name tag each, which I got from Monsoon.

IMG_3237 IMG_3239 IMG_3240

How cute do they look! I was so please with the result and everyone loved their little surprises!!

If anyone subscribes to Glossybox, I would totally recommend doing something like this with the used boxes just sitting on your shelf! Even things like birthdays or Christmas’, filling them with individual gifts for someone is a great idea.

On the day of the hen do, I decorated our conservatory and laid the boxes along with some other bits I will talk about in other posts… They looked adorable lined up on the table.!!

IMG_3679 IMG_3681

The ladies spent time in the morning to open theirs together, it was great to finally see everyone especially Kayleigh, opening their gifts!

IMG_3259 IMG_3257 IMG_3258

All in all, the Glossybox survival kits were a success & I would recommend making them for anyone!!

I’ll be back soon to tell you more about how I planned my sisters hen do – I hope this helps some Maid of Honours out there!!

Speak soon, Gemma xx